[DB-SIG] Compiling DCOracle2 on HPUX

Matthew T. Kromer matt@zope.com
Mon, 07 Oct 2002 17:06:06 -0400

plusk@radford.edu wrote:

>I've been advocating the use of python here (Radford University).
>I've demonstrated some programs that my bosses found interesting, using
>DCOracle2 and mx.DateTime on Win2K. My bosses worry about the costs of deploy
>program on all our users' machine and would prefer that I get things to work
>on our HPUX box. I have a sympathetic admin helping me, and he was able to 
>install mx.DateTime. 
>the DCOracle2 package did not install because it could not find a 
>lib it needed. 
>sys.platform is hp-ux11
>oracle is 64 bit
># make
>         (cd src; \
>         ./testora python)
>-n Checking ORACLE_HOME...
>-n Checking for Oracle version...
>/u01/app/oracle/product/ not readable; unable to
>determine your oracle version.
>*** Error exit code 2
>Any help would be appreciated.

I dont konw much about hp-ux -- What the test program is trying to do is 
do a "nm" on that shared object looking for various symbols.  Can you 
verify that


exists, and is readable?  If it doesn't exist, look for libclntsh* type 
names in that directory.  You may have to adjust names somewhat in the 
scripts to get them to recognize HPUX shared libraries.

All it is trying to do is create a makefile with the right defines set 
up.  You can try running

    python setup.py build

instead, as distutils might have more of a clue about hpux than I do. 
 You may have to tweak the CFLAGS and LFLAGS variables in setup as well, 
since they're set up for gcc.

Matt Kromer
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