[DB-SIG] Compiling DCOracle2 on HPUX

Marcos Sánchez Provencio msanchez@grupoburke.com
08 Oct 2002 08:56:19 +0200

There is a script that makes libclntsh.so; you may have to run it to be
able to link programs against your Oracle installation. The script is
supposed to be harmless, but you might need to recompile other programs
that use this library.

The second issue is to simply verify permissions.

I hope it helps; I managed to compile DCOracle2 in Solaris (SunOS 4.2 or
something). The server was oracle 7, but everything worked fine when the
8i client was installed. The funny thing is that the v8 client needs to
have some listener started, which v7 programs don't. You can tell by my
language that I am an Oracle expert :-)

El lun, 07-10-2002 a las 23:00, plusk@radford.edu escribió:
> I've been advocating the use of python here (Radford University).
> I've demonstrated some programs that my bosses found interesting, using
> DCOracle2 and mx.DateTime on Win2K. My bosses worry about the costs of de=
> program on all our users' machine and would prefer that I get things to w=
> on our HPUX box. I have a sympathetic admin helping me, and he was able t=
> install mx.DateTime. 
> the DCOracle2 package did not install because it could not find a 
> lib it needed. 
> sys.platform is hp-ux11
> oracle is 64 bit
> # make
>          (cd src; \
>          ./testora python)
> -n Checking ORACLE_HOME...
> passed.
> -n Checking for Oracle version...
> failed.
> /u01/app/oracle/product/ not readable; unable to
> determine your oracle version.
> *** Error exit code 2
> Stop.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Paul
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