[DB-SIG] SQL Relay

Magnus Lycka magnus@thinkware.se
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 15:34:39 +0200

At 13:20 2002-10-11 -0600, Bob Gailer wrote:
>At 06:48 PM 10/11/2002 +0200, Magnus Lycka wrote:
>>  SQL Relay ... seems like a clever concept to me
>I just looked at the link. I fail to see what is special about SQL Relay.=
>Please educate me.

For general info on SQL Relay, it's better to go up a
few steps to http://www.firstworks.com/sqlrelay/

But understand me right. I'm not trying to promote the
product. I'm just asking about it. (Even if I forgot a
question mark.)

As far as I understand, using the SQL Relay and either of
its python drivers (DB API or non-standard), you can access
ODBC, Oracle, MySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, IBM DB2,
Interbase, Lago (whatever that is) and SQLite. You just need
one python driver for this! This could make it into an option
for those who would use mxODBC but have problems with its
license. (Of course, SQL Relay being GPL might also be a
complication for some, but at least it's permitted to make
money on contracting jobs with SQL Relay without a paid

SQL Relay also provides connection pooling, proxying and
load balancing. It works with Unix and Linux.

It's a bit surprising to me that it's not discussed here
more, and that it's not listed in the module list. Is it
perhaps not as good as it sounds?

That's why I ask...

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