[DB-SIG] SQL Relay

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 21:05:03 +0200

Magnus Lycka wrote:
> At 13:20 2002-10-11 -0600, Bob Gailer wrote:
>> At 06:48 PM 10/11/2002 +0200, Magnus Lycka wrote:
>>>  SQL Relay ... seems like a clever concept to me
>>> http://www.firstworks.com/sqlrelay/programming/pythondb.html
>> I just looked at the link. I fail to see what is special about SQL 
>> Relay. Please educate me.
> For general info on SQL Relay, it's better to go up a
> few steps to http://www.firstworks.com/sqlrelay/

Hmm, the "Getting Started With Databases" is a good source
of information for setting up databases. It has quite a few
hints to common gotchas which are hard to find otherwise.

> But understand me right. I'm not trying to promote the
> product. I'm just asking about it. (Even if I forgot a
> question mark.)
> As far as I understand, using the SQL Relay and either of
> its python drivers (DB API or non-standard), you can access
> ODBC, Oracle, MySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, IBM DB2,
> Interbase, Lago (whatever that is) and SQLite. You just need
> one python driver for this! This could make it into an option
> for those who would use mxODBC but have problems with its
> license. (Of course, SQL Relay being GPL might also be a
> complication for some, but at least it's permitted to make
> money on contracting jobs with SQL Relay without a paid
> licence.)
> SQL Relay also provides connection pooling, proxying and
> load balancing. It works with Unix and Linux.
> It's a bit surprising to me that it's not discussed here
> more, and that it's not listed in the module list. Is it
> perhaps not as good as it sounds?
> That's why I ask...

Perhaps because SQL Relay is crafted towards CGI
web-applications which work on small result sets ?
E.g. caching complete result sets is not always what you'd
want in a GUI-based application.

However, it may be a good alternative for those who want
to access Oracle from platforms for which there are no
Oracle client libs available.

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