[DB-SIG] mxODBC - window installation problem

M.-A. Lemburg mal@egenix.com
Thu, 05 Sep 2002 17:42:01 +0200

Ching Chan wrote:
> Hi
> I have 2 questions:
> 1) I try to use mxODBC in python. I installed the python 2.2 window 
> version from python.org on window XP. It works fine. I installed mxODBC 
> window version for python 2.2 and the window installer said it finished 
> successfully. I believed the module package was installed under 
> c:\python22\lib\site-packages\mx.
> Now, when I try to use
> Import mx.ODBC.Windows
> and I have error said the mx.ODBC.Windows module was not found. I just 
> do not understand why I have this problem. How can I make it work.

Did you also install the egenix-mx-base package ? egenix-mx-commercial
depends on the mxDateTime part of that package.

To debug where Python looks for the package, run Python
in verbose mode:

python -vv -c 'import mx.ODBC.Windows'

It will then print all the places it looks for the various
modules and packages it tries to import.

> 2) Also, I have made another trial using the python 2.2 from 
> Activestate.com. This package includes an ODBC module in win32 
> extension. I can use this. But if I want to add mxODBC to this version. 
> According to the mxODBC document, mxODBC will have a name conflict with 
> the ODBC module and need to make some changes. However, the instruction 
> is not very specific, could any one make it more clear. I believe this 
> is a very common problem to the experienced.

The name problem was resolved in the move from 1.1 to 2.0.
All packages from eGenix now live under the 'mx' top-level
domain, so you don't have to rename the old win32 odbc
to be able to use mxODBC.

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