[DB-SIG] RE: What database should I use

Bob Gailer ramrom@earthling.net
Thu, 05 Sep 2002 11:34:52 -0600

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At 10:30 AM 9/5/2002 -0500, Ron Darling wrote in favor of VFP.

Here's the devil's advocate: MS manifests no interest in quality control 
over its developer products, especially VFP. It is a  buggy, poorly 
documented product. As one who has used it as my primary development tool 
from version 3 thru 6 I have finally given up hope for the support I need 
from MS. That's why I'm now using Python.

Yes, VFP has great features. If they all worked as documented, and the 
documentation were correct, I'd have less complaint.

Be ware that VFP tables often need to have their indexes repaired. There is 
nothing in the product that will detect and automatically repair corrupted 
indexes; things just suddenly don't work the way you expect.

Bob Gailer
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