[DB-SIG] Database Independent SQL

Gerhard Häring haering_postgresql@gmx.de
Mon, 9 Sep 2002 04:02:25 +0200

* Huy Do <huy@tramada.com.au> [2002-09-09 11:44 +1000]:
> Hi,
> I'm about to develop a major Python application and was wondering what the
> most database independent way of going about accessing a database in my
> application. i.e so I can switch between databases almost instantly (a
> little bit of work is also okay :-)).

My recommendation: Put as much as possible into stored
procedures/functions and views. Then you'll likely be able to use a very
minimal subset of SQL.

> I know the DB API 2 handles the connection, querying etc. in an
> independent manner but what I am also looking for is some sort of
> library which provided a standard SQL syntax as well.

IIRC http://theopalgroup.com/ has such a tool. For internal use,
probably. One of them is also subscribed to this list and will likely
speak up soon :-)

-- Gerhard