[DB-SIG] mysql vs postgresql (zope)

Magnus Lycka magnus@thinkware.se
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 16:05:40 +0200

At 19:10 2002-09-16 +0800, Ronald Mangaliag wrote:
>we're in thr process of choosing a dbms for a small database project here in
>saint louis university, baguio city, philippines...
>i was hoping they would approve of my proposal to use zope... and as such...
>what do you think is the best dbms we should use....???

>the database will have atleast 2000 records...

>i might use a win2k box, p4 1.8ghz as a server...

It's really hopeless to give any recommendations
based on the scarse information you have supplied. I
don't know about PostGreSQL on Windows. Both MySQL
and MS Access are widely used in Windows.

How many users? (Total/simultaneous) Do they use
the system frequently or sporadically?

How big are the records? 2000 addresses is not the
same thing as 2000 full length movies stored as mp3

What kind of UI are we talking about, web I suppose
as you plan on using Zope.

What kind of application is it? A lot of transactions?
Mainly read only? Lots of complex logic or just simple
entry and retrieval.

It sounds as a really simple system, and I doubt that
it would need anything beyond the builtin cataloging
features in Zope. Why do you feel a need for an
external dbms? For instance the Zope Bible has an
example of an address book application written in
Zope. Nothing but Zope and python required...

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