[DB-SIG] mysql vs postgresql (zope)

hazmat hazmat@objectrealms.net
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 09:19:42 -0700

On Monday 16 September 2002 04:10 am, Ronald Mangaliag wrote:
> we're in thr process of choosing a dbms for a small database project here
> in saint louis university, baguio city, philippines...
> i was hoping they would approve of my proposal to use zope... and as
> such... what do you think is the best dbms we should use....???
> i'm considering mysql or postgresql.... or maybe, microsoft access....
> what do you think is the more recommended???

on windows, for rdb i'd use mysql or firebird. postgres is not well suited to 
windows, imo. as for access... well lets not go there :-)

> would you use zope??? what are my alternatives???

i'd use zope... but that just reflects my biases ;-).

other options in terms of python web frameworks are numerous. webware, 
albatross, skunkweb, etc.

other things you might want to consider, writer/reader ratios, number of 
concurrent users.