[DB-SIG] DSNless connections (w/ mxODBC or others)

Greg Brunet gbrunet at sempersoft.com
Sun Aug 17 21:07:33 EDT 2003

I DL'd Marc-Andre Lemburg's mxODBC package to test out connecting to my
SQL Server (actually MSDE) databases.  He gives an example of connecting
to a database like this:

>>> import mx.ODBC.Windows
>>> db = mx.ODBC.iODBC.DriverConnect('DSN=database;UID=user;PWD=passwd')

When coding in the MS world (using ADO & DO.NET), I've moved to DSN-less
connection strings.  One might look something like this:
'Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=myDB;User

Is it possible to have DSN-less connections using mxODBC (specifically
on a Windows client & Windows server)?  I'd like to be able to access a
database without setting up a DSN first!  Thanks,


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