[DB-SIG] mySQL vs Matisse vs PostgreSQL ???

quadric at primenet.com quadric at primenet.com
Wed Jul 2 12:35:38 EDT 2003

Hi ,
I have an application that embeds both Python and mySQL.  I chose mySQL for 
a variety of
reasons not least of which were reputation ( good as far as I can tell ) 
and cost.

However, I have not gotten so far down the path that a database change 
would be impractical.

I need to use the database both from within the app (written in C++) and 
from within Python
scripts that the app runs.  I would like to avoid a bunch of Python object 
to table mapping
code if possible and found that Matisse ( www.matisse.com ) appears to have 
achieved that
goal quite handily.  It has both a C++ and Python API.

Although I have experience in C++/Python/RDBMS's, I'm new to mySQL and know 
about Matisse other than what can be downloaded in their 30-day trial 
Developer Kit.

The licensing can be quite expensive (depending on number of final users) 
and I didn't ask about source
but I don't think it is available for the DB engine or Python extension.

Does anybody have any info about or experience with Matisse?

Any comparisons between Matisse / mySQL / PostgreSQL  that would be helpful?

The thought of true Python object persistence with accessibility from C++ 
a bunch of intermediate object=>table mapping is quite appealing.

I've read a little on the gadfly module but it doesn't appear that direct 
access from C++ code is an
option.  Correct?

BTW: The app is developed under and runs on Windows.  [ No flame please :-) ]

Thanks for your input.

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