[DB-SIG] Result Set Inconsistencies

Nathan Clegg nathan-db-sig at geerbox.com
Wed Jul 16 19:17:59 EDT 2003

Specifications such as the DB API cover a wide variety of
applications, engines, and adapters.  Specifying things in terms of
high level interfaces offers great flexibility to authors at either
end of the API while allowing all apps to communicate with all engines
at some level.  I don't think equality checks, something I have
certainly never desired to do in this context, is a very strong
argument to restrict adapter authors in their implementations. 

>>>>> "Steve" == Orr, Steve <sorr at rightnow.com> writes:

    >> DB-API is there to enable database access -- not hold your hand
    >> or write your applications for you.
    Steve> Oh c'mon. Nobody said anything about writing apps for
    Steve> anyone. I can write wrappers to overcome the
    Steve> inconsistencies of the DB API implementations but the point
    Steve> is that I should not have to and the spec itself agrees
    Steve> with me in its second sentence!!!

Nathan Clegg

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