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Thu Jul 24 12:37:51 EDT 2003

Reuven Abliyev wrote:
> I using ACCESS & ADO
> Database contains some data in Hebrew
> connect to DB - OK
> getting Recordset  - OK
> when I'm trying to load data I've got into COMBOBOX
> I'm getting this message:
> UnicodeError: ASCII encoding error: ordinal not in range(128)
> How can I solve this

Not sure how you can solve this with ADO, but mxODBC can
be setup to read Unicode directly from the database:

     To have mxODBC connections run
     in native Unicode mode you have to set them up using the
     .stringformat attribute:

     connection = mx.ODBC.Windows.DriverConnect(...)
     connection.stringformat = mx.ODBC.Windows.NATIVE_UNICODE_STRINGFORMAT
     # or
     connection.stringformat = mx.ODBC.Windows.MIXED_STRINGFORMAT

     For more information, have a look at the data types section
     and the connection.stringformat documentation:


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