[DB-SIG] MySQL doc

Paul DuBois paul at dubois.ws
Sun Jun 1 12:50:17 EDT 2003

At 4:16 +0200 6/1/03, Gerhard =?unknown-8bit?Q?H=E4ring?= wrote:
>* Anthra Norell <anthra.norell at tiscalinet.ch> [2003-05-31 23:36 +0200]:
>>  I downloaded 0.9.2 from the Source Forge and managed to install it on
>>  Windows ME., but have no clue what to do next. I was more successful
>>  with an image library that comes with a manual. I would greatly
>>  appreciate any hint on where I can find docs, manuals, etc.
>>  (MySQL-python-0.9.2.win32-py2.2.exe)
>Download the source distribution as well. It contains the docs.

If you happen to have MySQL Cookbook, it covers DB-API.  Even if
you don't have the book, you can get the software distribution
that accompanies it, which has a number of example scripts that
use DB-API.  http://www.kitebird.com/mysql-cookbook/

Look under the "api" directory of the recipes distribution for the
most basic scripts that use DB-API.

Disclosure: I wrote the book.

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