[DB-SIG] dbiDate - help urgently needed

Chris Cogdon chris at cogdon.org
Mon Jun 2 15:39:00 EDT 2003

On Monday, Jun 2, 2003, at 14:28 US/Pacific, jeff at jdfiles.org wrote:

> How can I check if an element in a list is a dbiDate object?
> I am having no luck with type() or isinstance(). My project is falling 
> behind
> schedule and I can find no explanations anywhere online.

I don't know on point, but I can tell you how to find out 'in general'.

Do print `type(known_dbiDate_object)`, and that will print enough 
information to figure out what type it actually is. If you're having 
difficulty with type and isinstance, then there's a good chance you're 
not really looking at dbiDate objects.

If you don't get any answers on point, then perhaps reduce your code 
down to a snippet that doesn't work, and post that sample here, 
including any output from 'debug stubs' like the above. We might be 
able to help you even if we don't have the stuff installed.

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