[DB-SIG] dbiDate - help urgently needed

Lloyd Kvam pythontutor at venix.com
Mon Jun 2 19:59:09 EDT 2003

dbiDate is form the old 1.0 API

Python Database API v2.0

It specifies using mx.DateTime for date time values.

The Python language just recently evolved to unify tpyes and classes.
 >>> isinstance(1, int)
 >>> import mx.DateTime as DT
 >>> d = DT.Date(2003,6,2)
 >>> d
<DateTime object for '2003-06-02 00:00:00.00' at 13dd310>
 >>> isinstance(d, DT.DateTime)
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "<interactive input>", line 1, in ?
TypeError: isinstance() arg 2 must be a class or type
 >>> isinstance(d, DT.DateTimeType)

Not all of the modules support isinstance in the way you would expect.  So
we will probably be using type(obj_reference) for a while longer.

Jeff Sacksteder wrote:
>> Do print `type(known_dbiDate_object)`, and that will print enough 
>> information to figure out what type it actually is. If you're having 
>> difficulty with type and isinstance, then there's a good chance you're 
>> not really looking at dbiDate objects. 
> for item in my_list:
>    print type(item)
> returns the following-
> <type 'float'>
> <type 'string'>
> <type 'DbiDate'>
> I want to do something like-
> for item in my_list:
>    if type(item) is StringType:
>       print 'Foo'
>    elif type(item) is DbiDate:
>       print 'Bar'
>    else:
>       print 'Baz'
> But DbiDate is an object, not a type. I thought is instance might be the 
> ticket, since it can compare classes _and_ types. No luck so far. 
> Apparently I am the first person in the history of DBI to want to do this.
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