[DB-SIG] dbiDateType = type(dbi.dbiDate(0))

Magnus Lyckå magnus at thinkware.se
Tue Jun 3 10:42:36 EDT 2003

At 19:00 2003-06-02 -0400, Jeff wrote:
>>for item in my_list:
>>    if type(item) is StringType:
>>       print 'Foo'
>>    elif type(item) is DbiDate:
>>       print 'Bar'
>>    else:
>>       print 'Baz'
>>But DbiDate is an object, not a type.

Everything is an object... As you already showed, the object
in question is not of instance type, but of DbiDate type.
( <type 'DbiDate'> )

>>I thought is instance might be the ticket, since it can compare classes 
>>_and_ types. No luck so far. Apparently I am the first person in the 
>>history of DBI to want to do this.

No, it's quite simple. You need to get a type object! It's probably
directly available somewhere, but why search for that when you can
make one---type() returns type objects!

dbiDateType = type(dbi.dbiDate(0))

if type(item) == dbiDateType:

It seems you are using the old ODBC interface in win32all.
It's not really supported as far as I understand, and not
complient with DB-API 2. mxODBC or adodbapi might be a
better choice.

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