[DB-SIG] Asymmetry in DB-API 2.0 types

Harald Meland Harald.Meland at usit.uio.no
Wed Jun 4 01:58:49 EDT 2003


as the current DB-API stands, the types it mentions can be constructed
via standard calls, but there's no standard module-independent way to
decipher such types.

An example: It's reasonably easy to pass a DateTime object as a bind
argument to .execute() in a driver-independent way.  However, if I'd
like to get the date part of a DateTime object returned from a query,
I'll have to jump through module-specific hoops.

Is this still another case of "this can't or shouldn't be handled by
the driver, but by a (hypothetical) separate layer on top of the
drivers", or is there interest in extending the type definitions in
the DB-API to include deciphering features?

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