[DB-SIG] API suggestion: expose 'quote' method

M.-A. Lemburg mal at lemburg.com
Thu Jun 5 13:08:31 EDT 2003

Chris Cogdon wrote:
> Saying "It's too hard for the python driver writer" IS a useful 
> argument, and one that I'm not contesting, but that argument has not 
> really been used here. Everyone seems to be saying "I don't see why you 
> would want this", or "there are disadvantages to this, such as 
> performance loss" which can EASILY be argued against by showing you an 
> application, and claiming that the performance loss is insignificant in 
> comparison to the simplicity of coding in other parts. (after all, 
> that's why you'd write a python driver in python rather than C, right?)

That argument doesn't need to get mentioned, since it is implicit
for all changes/additions to the DB API spec. It's also the reason
why we're so conservative about changes to the spec (and I think that
the large number of existing DB API interfaces has proven that this
is indeed a good way to proceed).

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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