[DB-SIG] inserting strings into postgres db using pgdb (escaping quotes automagically)

Bryan Lawrence b.n.lawrence at rl.ac.uk
Wed Jun 18 14:25:15 EDT 2003

Hi Folks

I'm just playing at a common db core module for an application. It works ok
with gadfly and mysql, and I'm trying to extend it to postgresql.

I'm using the pgdb module ...

At the moment (mysql) I do inserts with something like

cmd="insert into table blah (x,y) values (%s%s)"
(replacing the %s with ? for gadfly).
This breaks with postgres ... 

I tried something like
cmd='insert into table blah (x,y) values (string.join(
map(lambda x: repr(x),data),','))
but that breaks with
ERROR: Attribute ... not found

Clearly I can muck around parsing strings and escaping things, but
that seems remarkably clumsy, and I can't believe I'm the only person with 
this problem. I've had a google and rummaged in the manuals, but obviously 
didn't turn over the right leaf ... how does one do this with postgres?

I'm not on the mailing list, so if you can help, could you please reply 
directly? It's not an easy thing to search for in the archive, so apologies
if this is a much rehearsed problem.


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