[DB-SIG] Webware and Oracle/high load

Marcos msanchez@grupoburke.com
12 Mar 2003 14:31:55 +0100

We are testing cx_Oracle ant it seems to behave much better with this
number of threads. It is finally working (I hate changing) on the same
machine the Oracle+Pound+Apache is. Now we are getting 8
pages/minute/Webware instance (each Webware uses up one CPU). We are now

cx_Oracle has dumped core a couple of times. It is a relative problem,
since Webware restarts in less than 4 seconds, but it always troubles

With both modules, Webware seems to stop responding to ^C whenever an
error happens in the oracle level; we have to -KILL it. :-\ I'll review
whether I am closing cursors in case of an error.
ref Webware: An application server in pure Python http://webware.sf.net/
El lun, 10-03-2003 a las 21:25, Marcos S=E1nchez Provencio escribi=F3:
> I am setting up a high load web app with webware using DCOracle2, but
> seem to get strange dead times. Would cxOracle or SQLRelay behave better
> for many (100-200 threads)? Any caveats about using DCOracle2 with this
> number of threads? The docs say I can share a connection among threads,
> but do I get separate trans per cursor?
> Thank you
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