[DB-SIG] Re: problems with DCOracle2 running on solaris 8 (oracle 8.1.6)

Uwe Hoffmann qual@epost.de
Thu, 13 Mar 2003 18:32:47 +0100

Kancianic, Jennifer C. (JKANCIAN) wrote:
> All,
> We were scrambling to find a solution to this same issue.  We are using
> DCOracle2 1.2 on Linux 6.2, Oracle 8.1.7.
> We finally tried setting the cursor.setPrefetch(None) after we created the
> cursor object for the SQL statement that was having trouble.  This solved

if i see this description maybe the patch


should be applied not only to oracle 8.0.x but to 8.1.x (9.x) also.