[DB-SIG] pyformat Parameter Style

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Wed May 14 07:39:08 EDT 2003

Il mer, 2003-05-14 alle 03:29, Chris Cogdon ha scritto:
> This is becoming a real mess.
> The ONLY valid solution I see is to very specifically state that 
> pyformat allows %s and %(keyname)s, and nothing else, which is what 
> many API's already do; they don't specifically check for %non-s, but it 
> doesn't work, because the parameters are already strings by the time it 
> gets to the python % operator (see code snippets previous in this 
> thread).

good points, but please, lets put this in DBAPI document. if format and
pyformat only support %s and %(name)s this should be written somewhere.

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