[DB-SIG] suggested change in the docs.

Philip Jägenstedt philipj at telia.com
Sun May 18 00:45:51 EDT 2003


I discovered today that %d substitution did not work for MySQLdb (which
has paramstule='format'). It took me quite some time to figure out why,
and found this answer on a newgroup discussion:
"because there's no %d substitution in mysqldb or any other DB adapters.
There's only the %s substitution."

If this is true, I suggest that the docs (DatabaseAPI-2.0.html) are
updated to specifically mention this under the paramstyle section. This
is important, because it's easy to be mislead by "ANSI C printf format
codes, e.g. '...WHERE name=%s'" into believed that any of the regular
printf substitutions should work.

Thank you // Philip Jägenstedt

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