[DB-SIG] Re: cx_Oracle - passing unnecessary bind variables

Paul Moore pf_moore at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Nov 24 15:29:17 EST 2003

Anthony Tuininga <anthony at computronix.com> writes:

> There is no DB API method for doing so. I have just recently added the
> necessary code (cursor.bindnames()) to cx_Oracle for those who care to
> do this. I am also adding the ability to subclass connections and
> cursors so you can make this extremely transparent.

I'm persuaded. And with these new features, even if I wasn't, I could
build a cursor subclass which implemented my proposed behaviour for
myself. (When the new version comes out, I probably will use
cursor.bindnames() for the one specialised application I hit this
issue with).

Anthony, thanks once again for a great module, and for your patience
and receptiveness when dealing with my dumb questions.

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