[DB-SIG] [adodbapi] Creating MS Access DB

xHenrik Ekelund hekelund at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 8 04:27:43 EDT 2003

No I don't think you can create a new Access database with adodbapi (or ODBC 
or whatever), because the Jet engine does not have a CREATE DATABASE 
statement. The easiest way to do it is of to course to use Access to create 
a new database file. But I would definitely recommend to use the MSDE engine 
that is included with Access (also called Access Database Project) instead. 
It is a scaled down version of SQL Server which is much better than Jet. 
MSDE understands the Transact-SQL language, which has a CREATE DATABASE 
statement, so I believe it is possible to use MSDE to create new databases.
Good Luck,
Henrik Ekelund

>From: "Greg Brunet" <gbrunet at sempersoft.com>
>To: db-sig at python.org
>Subject: [DB-SIG] [adodbapi] Creating MS Access DB
>Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 21:50:14 -0500
>Is there a way to create a new MS Access DB on Windows using [adodbapi]
>?  If not, is there any other tool or module that I can use to do this?
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