[DB-SIG] informixdb module on python 2.2?

Rick Brown Rick.Brown at bwaycorp.com
Wed Oct 15 12:36:43 EDT 2003

Hello Python DB Experts! If anyone can help with this I will very much
appreciate it! We're interested in using python at work to connect to one of
our informix databases. Unfortunately, we're having trouble compiling the
informixdb-1.3 module under python 2.2? It seems the absence of
makefile.pre.in in python 2.2 causes the break under py2.2. Is there an easy
way around this. I've heard rumors of a manual method, but have been unable
to track down details. Again, any help is very much appreciated! Thanks in
advance, Mike 


I'm having a configure problem also with the 2.3.2 -- did you get an answer
for the above question??
Please forward!!


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