[DB-SIG] pb in connect call with cx_Oracle

dbsig dbsig at evpopov.com
Thu Oct 16 11:28:52 EDT 2003

> > 
> > Note also that I had to copy the oci.dll from the ora92\bin directory into
> > python\Lib\site-packages (where cx_Oracle.pyd is), else the 'import
> cx_Oracle' 
> > fails (on this dll missing).
> A-ha! You need more than the oci.dll to connect to Oracle. Add the 
> Oracle 'bin' directory to your path and you should be working (mine is 
> C:\Oracle\Ora92\bin for instance). I'd also get rid of the copy of the 
> dll from your site packages directory once you've done that.

Thanks Andy, that was the reason why it didn't work !

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