[DB-SIG] Switching databases

Marcos Sánchez Provencio msanchez at grupoburke.com
Mon Sep 1 08:21:29 EDT 2003

One must program his/her own db-api independent layer. Wait! We have
debated this over and over!

El lun, 01-09-2003 a las 03:03, Neil Hodgson escribió:
>     We are currently using an Oracle 9i database through DCOracle2, 
> directly importing DCOracle2 and sometimes referring to DCOracle2.dco2, 
> the DCOracle2 time/date types, and DCOracle2.DatabaseError. In the 
> future we may want to experiment with cx_Oracle or another database such 
> as MySQL.
>     Are there any good strategies for providing flexibility and avoiding 
> mass code changes here?
>     Neil
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