[DB-SIG] ANN: Pure Python DB-API module for ThinkSQL

Greg Gaughan greg at thinksql.co.uk
Thu Sep 4 01:57:17 EDT 2003

We have just released an initial version of a pure Python DB-API 2.0
compliant module for the ThinkSQL RDBMS. It can be downloaded from the News
section of our site at http://www.thinksql.co.uk.

ThinkSQL is a powerful, cross-platform, multi-threaded relational database
management system.

It supports Core ISO SQL, transactions, sub-selects, views, stored
procedures, functions, comprehensive constraints, large objects,
multi-version concurrency control, on-line backups, and a statistical
optimiser that uses constraints and relationships to improve plans.

The SQL server is simple to install and bloat-free. It runs under Windows
and Linux and includes native ODBC, dbExpress (Delphi/Kylix), JDBC and
Python drivers.

Greg Gaughan
ThinkSQL Ltd

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