[DB-SIG] Newb Quiestion

Marcos Sánchez Provencio msanchez at grupoburke.com
Wed Sep 17 10:48:06 EDT 2003

For a minimal learning set, try sqlite or gadfly. They don't need a
separate server, acting in a manner that is similar to MS Access or

El mié, 17-09-2003 a las 01:20, Conrad Koziol escribió:
> Hello i'm new to programming and was wondering if you can suggest a free
> database. Also any place to find a tutorial on using it with python and
> the modules you need to use it??? I'm trying to make a forum for you
> information.
>         Thanks 
>                 conrad
> ps. I sent this message once before but i'v been having problems with my
> email account and I'm not sure the message was sent. Anyways i havent
> recieved any db-sig digests in a while
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