[DB-SIG] Re: May we get an actual ANSWER to the F.A.Q...How can I construct a dictionary???

Jon Franz_antispam jfranz at neurokodeXREMOVEX.com
Mon Sep 22 20:19:28 EDT 2003

> Would someone be so kind as to actually publish a LIST of such tools??

Unfortunately, I think you've fallen victim to some of the hubris present in
the SIG.
Many of the people here seem perfectly fine with the status quo.  Perhaps
worked on DB-API specifications, and thus feel protective of it?

I know for a fact that many solutions to your problem exist, but the DB-SIG
resource pages on python.org do not list them.

> It's not terribly hard to do by hand, which is probably why existing
> modules that do it get little attention.

I think perhaps it has more to do with the attitudes of those involved in
SIG, to be honest.  I've watched this list for quite a while, and although
helpful, many people seem to shun the idea of providing higher level
interfaces in the DB-API, such as access-by-column-name.

As long as we're listing modules that provide this, I might
as well throw my company's hat in the ring:


It works, and is being updated to support more database
modules, and support more features.

~Jon Franz
NeuroKode Labs, LLC

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