[DB-SIG] Re: May we get an actual ANSWER to the F.A.Q...How c an I construct a dictionary???

Daniel Dittmar daniel.dittmar at sap.com
Thu Sep 25 14:36:31 EDT 2003

Jon Franz wrote:
> I think a silent failure is a Bad Idea(TM) - but which 
> method would be acceptable to the community: 
> - throw an exception
> - allow access to the other same-name columns via a 
> suffix/renaming scheme ('A:1', 'A:2', ...)

Or throw an exception only when such a column is accessed by name.
- if the duplicate name is accidental, you get an exception
- if it is intentional (perhaps you get the statement from
somewhere else), you can still access the problematic columns by index

Daniel Dittmar

Daniel Dittmar
SAP DB, SAP Labs Berlin
daniel.dittmar at sap.com

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