[DB-SIG] DBMS with easy administration and replication

Lloyd Kvam pythontutor at venix.com
Sat Sep 27 18:26:50 EDT 2003

I have software that uses MySQL in a loosely coupled environment.  Replication
is used to export changes from a central datbase to the remote databases (about 40)
using modem connections.  The remote replication logs are uploaded using the modem
connections, collected at the central server, and fed back into the central
database.  The application is handling fairly low volume sales and reservations.

There is no tech support at the remote locations, so database administration
must be minimal.  The central server is running RedHat 9 Linux while the
remote locations are running Win2k.

Everything works reasonably well, but I am curious as to whether I could make
this work with another DBMS.  Firebird seems like a possible candidate.
I could not find any details about replication on the Firebird web site.
I think distributed updates are too restrictive, because the remote databases
are normally off-line.  I was hoping that someone on the list would know if
Firebird supported replication or if there was another DBMS that had the same
mix of easy administration and replication support that made MySQL a good

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