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I second the motion.  The computer business is too full of TLA's. (Three letter acronyms).  Any TLA is bound to conflict with some other TLA.  PyDBI is a name that even I would be able to remember.

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Randall Smith wrote:
> Since our discussion here about a dbapi2 wrapper, Peter Hunt and I have 
> been working on it.  We have it mostly working with the ability to work 
> with Python datetime and mx.DateTime types and changeable paramstyles. 
> We have been discussing names and are leaning on dal, an acronym for 
> Database Abstraction Layer.  This package will have a subpackage named 
> dbapi that will contain all of our current work.  Future work outside of 
> the dbapi wrapper scope will reside in other packages within dal.
> I'm posting here to get opinions/suggestions about these naming 
> conventions so that we can identify any problems that may arise from it. 
>  We would appreciate your opinions and suggestions.


After all, what you're doing here is rather similar to what
the Perl folks did for their DBI interface.

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