[DB-SIG] Antigen found VIRUS= Win32/Mydoom.A.Worm (CA(InoculateIT), Norman, Sophos) worm

ANTIGEN_LIB-EXCH ANTIGEN_LIB-EXCH at u.library.arizona.edu
Tue Feb 3 03:43:44 EST 2004

Antigen for Exchange found readme.zip->readme.scr infected with VIRUS=
Win32/Mydoom.A.Worm (CA(InoculateIT),Norman,Sophos) worm.
The message is currently Purged.  The message, "Mail Transaction Failed",
sent from db-sig at python.org and was discovered in IMC Queues\Inbound
located at Main Library/LIB-NT/LIB-EXCH.

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