[DB-SIG] WHat's the status of DB modules and datetime.py supp ort?

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Fri Jan 2 14:39:01 EST 2004

Il ven, 2004-01-02 alle 17:55, Kevin Jacobs ha scritto:
> My above concerns are directed toward adopting a Python-type based method of
> escaping SQL literals based on adding a new magic method (like __sqlrepr__
> or __sqlstr__).  I assumed (incorrectly) that this was what Frederico was
> suggesting with his proposal; a topic that has come up many times before and
> one the sources of the "DB-API snob" perception.

i did not. i think __sqlstr__ (name it as you like) is very usefull but
it is not the solution for cross-driver compatibility. (that was my
*wrong* idea about 6 month ago.)

> compute the best represent ion of various Python data as SQL literals may
> require an SQL dialect parser and schema introspection.  This is why
> mandating a one-size-fits all type mapping solution that naively guarantees
> round-trip data representations is not possible via a simple extension to
> DB-API, or at least I've yet to see a proposal to do it properly.

sorry, but i don't agree here. please, show me a postgresql type that
does not support round trip. i think i can write a wrapper object that
does the round trip correctly for every postgresql type. :)


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