[DB-SIG] WHat's the status of DB modules and datetime.py supp ort?

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Mon Jan 5 09:45:48 EST 2004

Il lun, 2004-01-05 alle 15:37, Kevin Jacobs ha scritto:
> So I'm not really against the goals of your proposal, per se.  I'd just
> prefer to start off simple, gain more experience with how these enhancements
> play out in real code (of which I have more than enough of), and only then
> contemplate adding more layers of functionality (evolution, not revolution).
> Better (more precise) type objects are a logical next step, followed by
> generic type mapping interface, followed by more complex things like
> you and Frederico are proposing (standardized type constructors and exposed
> literal escaping APIs).
> How does this sound?

fine to me. i don't have enough time right now, but i'll try to
elaborate the first part of that (more types) in DBAPI format and post
to this list for revision and inclusion in DBAPI-2.1 (if everybody
agrees, off curse).

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