[DB-SIG] WHat's the status of DB modules and datetime.py supp ort?

Jon Franz jfranz at neurokode.com
Mon Jan 5 10:09:29 EST 2004

> Sorry -- I've been on the road and have not had the bandwidth or time to
> read everything from this weekend as carefully as I'd like.

No worries.

> However, what I am proposing is much more modest than yours.  My proposal
> doesn't restrict the contents of type_codes or mandate that all type codes
> have explicit Python-object representations and type constructors.  I'm
> with type_codes being backend specific cookies, since I prefer the
> of knowing the native type code to the readability of a DB-API "type
> in this case.
> So I'm not really against the goals of your proposal, per se.  I'd just
> prefer to start off simple, gain more experience with how these
> play out in real code (of which I have more than enough of), and only then
> contemplate adding more layers of functionality (evolution, not
> Better (more precise) type objects are a logical next step, followed by
> generic type mapping interface, followed by more complex things like
> you and Frederico are proposing (standardized type constructors and
> literal escaping APIs).
> How does this sound?

It sounds pretty good - but if you remove the cross database aspect Fredrico
(and myself) would like,
you could mandate the type_codes and interfaces and let the implementations
be DB specific.  In this way, you keep the module author's lives
(reletivaly) simple while adding benefit for the users.  I know, I know, its
down the line in what you're talking about - but I just want to keep the
goal in sight.  I think merging the type_code from output with the extended
input types (you had a good list), even if interfaces are not defined to Do
anything with the information, would be another good step.  That way, you
could move from DB to DB and the type_ids would at least be the same (for
similar columns), reducing the burdon on the users.

~Jon Franz
NeuroKode Labs, LLC

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