[DB-SIG] Type code mappings: expanding the type objects

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Mon Jan 5 17:11:55 EST 2004

Il lun, 2004-01-05 alle 18:48, M.-A. Lemburg ha scritto:
> The bazar is open :-)

let's start with a _very_ small change, i.e., augmenting the number of
type objects. i think we can do that in an absolutely backward
compatible way. instead of having a flat set of type objects let's order
them by placing the old ones at the first level of a tree and the others
on the second level, as leaves:


and require that is a type object matches a type code, the same type
code is matched by the parent(s) too. this allows for expanding the
types without requiring any modification of old code, because if, for
example, the type code for an int4 matches INTEGER it will always (as in
DBAPI-2.0) also match NUMBER.

the list is just preliminary and open to suggestions. i suppose we can
have more string types (unicode anyone?), different binaries, times with
tz information and such.

the trick here is to let the modules implement extra type objects (like
geometic types in postgresql) but mandate a wide enough base to satisfy
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