[DB-SIG] Type code mappings: expanding the type objects

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Thu Jan 8 05:26:44 EST 2004

another list, amended with marc's comments. if everybody agrees on this
list i'll go on and write the new paragraph for the PEP document.


  1/ removed TEXT in favor of LONGVARCHAR;

  2/ removed MONEY (DECIMAL is the name for fixed point), backends
     providing currency information will define a sub-type of decimal,

  3/ BOOLEAN is under NUMBER (this will probably give some problems to
     postgresql and other db using 't' and 'f' but there is really no
     simple solution and Python *do* use 1 and 0 for True and False (at
     least untill 2.3)

i tought about using three or four levels:


but i really don't see any improvement. the two-level hierarchy is there
for _backward compatibility_, not for organizing the tree. does this
make sense?

here is the list:

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