[DB-SIG] Time() and TimeFromTicks() constructors

Anthony Tuininga anthony at computronix.com
Thu Jan 8 17:22:43 EST 2004

It has recently come to my attention that the presence of Time() and
TimeFromTicks() in cx_Oracle is misleading at best since Oracle does not
support the concept of a time only column.

The DB API document does not indicate that these constructors are
optional so I was wondering what the consensus of this list would be on
what ought to be done.

1) Remove the constructors.

2) Raise an exception when these constructors are used, indicating that
Oracle doesn't support the concept.

I lean towards number 2 myself but would like some feedback from others
on the list. In both cases the documentation will be updated to indicate
why these constructors do not work (or are not present).

It would also be useful if the DB API document would be modified
appropriately since (apparently) not all databases support the concept
of time only columns. There might be others that I am not aware of.

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