[DB-SIG] document contains no data

Lloyd Kvam pythontutor at venix.com
Fri Jan 23 20:13:20 EST 2004

apache does not run your script by "saying"
	python <scriptname>
it simply executes your script.

Your script must be saved with execute permission
	chmod +x <scriptname>

Also the very FIRST line of the script must specify that you want
python to run the script.  This line will look something like:



is also quite common.  It MUST match your server configuration.

Also a script MUST print a line describing what kind of output is being
produced.  (You could be sending a picture or sound file for instance.)
This is done by printing:

print "Content-type: text/html\r\n\r\n"

Your case may actually be text/text.

The folks that administer the server should be able to help you with
these issues.

helena bhaska wrote:

> Thanks,
> hm, I don't think that it's a code problem, since I
> wrote it on a different machine, where it worked
> perfectly.  Then I transferred it to a different
> machine, where I'm running into this problem.  I
> thought I set it up exactly the same way as the other
> machine, but apparently not.  Do you know what that
> dialog box error means?
> Thanks.
> --- Marcos_Sánchez_Provencio <msanchez at grupoburke.com>
> wrote:
>>Are you using cgi?
>>Be sure to include the correct headers in your cgi.
>>Check also that the 
>>environment for the cgi (path, etc.) is the same as
>>for the user you are 
>>testing from. You may try to create a minimal cgi
> http://www.devshed.com/c/a/Python/Writing-CGI-Programs-in-Python/2/
>>helena bhaska escribió:
>>>Hi everybody,
>>>I am trying to connect to a database and read
>>>something from it in a program that runs under
>>>Here's my code:
>>>db = MySQLdb.Connect(host="host", user="usr",
>>>passwd="pswd", db="db")
>>>c = db.cursor()
>>>c.execute("""SELECT * FROM SomeTable""")
>>>results = c.fetchall()
>>>The execute statement causes the internet browser
>>>spit out a dialog box with a message "document
>>>contains no data"
>>>If I run these statements from python command
>>line, it
>>>works fine. 
>>>First of all, I would like what that message about
>>>data means...
>>>The apache error log gives me the following:
>>>[Thu Jan 22 17:49:58 2004] [notice] child pid 9186
>>>exit signal Segmentation fault (11) - which
>>>is bad, but I again don't know what this means.
>>>Thanks for any pointers.
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