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Mon Mar 15 23:28:10 EST 2004

Greeting from Seekford Solutions, Inc.,

I am sure you have to get your software development projects done on time and under budget. Don't we all? If you don’t use third-party components, it can be next to impossible. No one wants to reinvent the wheel, especially at a significantly higher cost and sacrificing your precious time. I personally like to spend time with my family and friends; developers need to have lives too.

Seekford Solutions, Inc. is a third party component developer that allows you easily integrate Internet communication functionality into your new and existing applications. With very few lines of code you can send and receive emails, upload and download files via HTTP and FTP, synchronize with atomic clocks for highly accurate time stamping and clock setting, communicate with news group servers, and even secure data with highly complex (easy to use though) algorithms for data hashing.

Lets not take up too much more of your time. Please check out our selection of .NET and ActiveX technologies at our website: http://www.SeekfordSolutions.com

Clients around the world using a large variety of programming languages currently use our controls, many Fortune 500 companies included. Our components are available from a number of major distributors and all products come with free e-mail technical support.

Thank you,

Customer relations
Seekford Solutions, Inc.
Tampa, FL

 If you do not want to receive communications from us, please just reply with REMOVE in the subject.

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