[DB-SIG] cx_Oracle and NEXTVAL

Kike Peña kepena at telesat.com.co
Tue Mar 30 12:03:41 EST 2004


I got ahead of my other problems...  but a new one comes into play now.
I need to execute de query: SELECT sq_report_code_seq_code.NEXTVAL from
from cx_Oracle, this is

cursor.execute("SELECT sq_report_code_seq_code.NEXTVAL from dual")

When I do that, it returns an error:

cx_Oracle.DatabaseError: ORA-00904: "SQ_REPORT_CODE_SEQ_CODE"."NETXVAL":

The sequences and all other things are in order...  because when I run the
query directly from SQL/PLUS it works fine... but not when I use cx_Oracle.

All other things are working fine.. (so far) but I have this problem.

I'm using:
- Python 2.3.2
- Oracle 9i
- cx_Oracle 4.0.1
on win XP

Any ideas?


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