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Vernon Cole wnvcole at peppermillcas.com
Thu May 6 11:38:55 EDT 2004

Dear Salman & group:
I have been involved in table oriented programming off and on for many
years.  I found that the author of the "tablizer" web page  had some VERY
good observations. (Too bad he didn't sign it so I could give credit by
name.)  Table oriented programming has been around for a long time, and is a
mighty useful tool.  But I was never aware that it had made it into use as a
TLA. We in the information technology world are very fond of our TLAs , and
anything which is not a TLA or XMLA is really never considered as proper
fodder for learning and discussion. Now that we can refer to "table oriented
programming" as TOP, maybe it will catch on as it should.
[ Note:  TLA means "Three Letter Acronym". XMLA is "eXtended Multi-Letter
Acronym.  These terms were invented by myself to point out our tendency to
make everything into an acronym, thereby converting our speech into
something only distantly related to English. Someday I intend to write a
paper on the subject.]
The package I have used most is called RDM (which was at one time a TLA for
"Relational Data Manager", but now is just a combination of letters.) RDM
was original written in Pascal, is now mostly in C and/or C++, and is
heading back in the direction of Delphi. I have thought that Python would be
a fine way of accessing RDM data tables, as the two things "feel" very
similar in use. Much of my frustration with the python db api "standard"
comes from the fact that the api is so much harder to use than RDM. I am
itching to add an RDM api to python.
If I were to choose an ideal language in which to perform table oriented
programming, python would win by a mile.
As to your actual question, I have not seen any publications about table
oriented programming for several years. Bruce Johnson, to whom I am also
addressing this, is the guru of RDM. Perhaps he has seen or produced
something recently. [Bruce: are you listening?]
[Vernon Cole]
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Dear Sir,
i am working on Table Oriented Programming(TOP).We are trying to implement
TOP features in C #(C sharp).
Have you any idea that how can we implement TOP in C #.
If not C#  then have you implemented it in any other language.If the answer
is YES then how?
Finally , there is very limited material available about TOP on internet.I
can find infornation only at the following web site.

Please tell me that if there is any other web site which provides solid
information about TOP.



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