[DB-SIG] pure python database driver

Randall Smith randall at tnr.cc
Thu May 20 09:49:59 EDT 2004

The same reason the Java type 4 jdbc drivers exist.  What I mean by 
portability is that it will work on nearly any machine without 
dependency issues.  Just drop the driver into your app.  I've been 
wanting this ever since I started working with Oracle.  I hate having to 
install the Oracle client libraries just to talk to the database. 
Installing Oracle on GNU/Linux has given me heartache many times.  I 
don't know if one could write a Python only driver for Oracle because of 
proprietary issues.  Does Oracle release specs for their protocol?

Although I don't like programming in Java, one thing I do admire is that 
applications are often Pure-Java and I try to make my Python 
applications as Pure-Python as possible.  I think one should only write 
in C when performance is poor.

You have confirmed what I believed to be true; The reason these JDBC 
type 4 like drivers do not exist is that nobody sees enough benefit to 
justify the work.


Federico Di Gregorio wrote:
> Lì mercoledì, 2004/05/19 alle 21:46, -0500, Randall Smith ha scritto:
>>Does anyone know of existing database drivers written in pure Python?  I 
>>realize this may not perform well, but I'm curious.  The portability 
>>would be nice.
> that would mean reimplementing all the client/server protocol, that
> changes for *every database*. why port thousands lines of C code to
> python (for each database) when the original client libraries are
> already there (and well-tested?)
> moreover the portability simply would *not* be. as i said above every
> database uses its won protocol.
> federico
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