[DB-SIG] pyPgSQL on MacOS 9 ?

Jim Hill jim-hill at users.sourceforge.net
Sun May 23 01:01:55 EDT 2004

Can pyPgSQL, or any other Python db adaptor, run on MacOS 8.6 to 9.x ? 

Most db adaptors have some C code, as mentioned in the previous thread "pure python database driver", so i guess it boils down to compiling the C code. Can this be done on pre-X Mac ? 
(I'm not too familiar with mac, just have a customer with some G4s on OS9.)

wxPython looks like it would be great for cross-platform gui front ends, but it's not so good if the not-so-old Macs can't talk to the db server. 

Documentation of most db adaptors does not mention Mac clients before X. They don't say you can't use older MacOSs, they just never mention them. Did not find anything in several mailing lists either.

i'm not a very experienced programmer, so please advise if i'm missing something :)

Jim Hill

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