[DB-SIG]DCOracle2 rounded floats

Benjamin DULON BDULON at sqli.com
Mon May 24 04:59:45 EDT 2004

I haven't got any response, nobody has encountered this problem ? I think I
need to recompile DCO2, but I can't get any information about
configurations' options. 
It seems that it returns float type as default.
DCO2 is installed under RedHat 9. 
Any help will be appreciated.
Benjamin DULON.
I'm newbie in DCO2 and python, and I encounter an issue.
In Oracle8i, I try to get Number data type. From SQLPlus, no problem, but
using dco2, floats are rounded.
Instead of having 0.975 I get 1.0
My code : 
            Conn = DCOracle2.connect(connect_string)
            C = conn.cursor()
            c.execute('select * from t_sqli where id=4')
            r = c.fetchall()
            print entry
It returns : [4.0,'QUATRE','d',3.0]
It should be : [4,'QUATRE','d',3.1414155225]
Trying directly in using sqlplus : no problem.
The environnement is Python2.2, DCO2, RedHat9, Oracle8.1.7
Thanks a lot.
Benjamin DULON.
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