[DB-SIG] perl-DBI like module for Python?

Mihai Ibanescu misa at redhat.com
Wed May 26 09:57:38 EDT 2004

On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 11:05:34PM +0200, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> Mihai Ibanescu wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >I am not sure if it was mentioned before on this list.
> >Is there a module that does what the perl DBI module does?
> >What I mean by that is: a top-level module that exposes the API defined in 
> >the
> >DB API document, but with the ability to change backend drivers on the fly.
> >
> >Example: I have my application running against Postgres. I have to be able 
> >to
> >port it to Oracle too. Unfortunately, code that tries to catch
> >DatabaseException will have to look for the cx_Oracle DatabaseException, 
> >not
> >for the postgres one.
> >
> >This would be easily solved if a DBI module would provide the base classes
> >(for things like Database, Cursor, DatabaseException etc.) that the code 
> >could
> >use, and a connect function that could specify the database driver to use
> >(postgres, cx_Oracle etc). Drivers would inherit their classes from this
> >top-level module. 
> >
> >jdbc/odbc do the same thing.
> >
> >Is there such a thing out there?
> If you're looking for a true DBI kind of approach:
> mxODBC...
> * works with Oracle, MS SQL Server, SAP DB, PostgreSQL, etc. etc.
> * same API for all of these
> * same API on Windows, Unix, *BSD, AIX, etc. etc.
> * supported
> * under active development

Thanks for the pointer, will look into it.

> OTOH, the Python DB API provides a specification of how database
> modules should interface to the Python program. Since Python binds
> based on name, that comes very close to the DBI kind of approach
> as well.
> In any case, most work usually goes into porting the SQL
> layer of the application, not the interface layer beneath
> it. Porting from Postgres to Oracle is not as hard at
> the interface level, but you'll find that porting the
> SQL concepts can be very time consuming.

I know :-) I chose postgres and Oracle as an example. In my case I have to use
two different database modules for Oracle - cx_Oracle and DCOracle. So the SQL
is mostly the same (except that DCOracle implements the DB API v1.0 so there
are some intricacies there).

Thanks for your suggestion.

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